Baron Samuel

When people ask me who I am or what I do for a living, I tell them: “I’m an Authorpreneur, Mentor, and a Souled-out servant to the Most High from Orangeburg South Carolina.” But what I really want to say is: “I’m a 10 year Air Force Veteran who served my country honorably and has since embarked on a new mission as a committed vessel used to empower and inspire young men towards a future of fulfillment and success.” And what I really, REALLY want to say is: “Imagine a world of extraordinary young men. Their swagger pops. Their attitude is epic. Their confidence rocks. Their future is brighter than it’s ever been. Take my hand and let me guide you through mind blowing masterful mixes of creativity that yield to a carefully crafted solution as I introduce you to a new reality.

Helping young men build genuine personal brands through carefully crafted books, events, mentorship and other program courses is definitely my sweet spot, but I know it takes more to put them in the big leagues of their wildest dreams. My time in service and other leadership capacities since then has afforded me with valuable skills and insights that I now lean on today in helping the next generation rise above challenges and obstacles. It has also molded me to not just think outside the box but eliminate the box completely. I go above and beyond in my research and listening to my audience in an effort to bring their vision to life through dynamic writing projects, mentorship programs, speaking engagements and other stunning content creation that will motivate young men to achieve a life of fulfillment through self realization, determination and perseverance. Most importantly, I build a personal connection between my brand and their lives by pairing their passion with custom, sophisticated solutions that fit their distinct personality. I guess you can consider me a savvy mixologist, serving up potent medicine that will promote cultural change and address the socioeconomic challenges that men face everyday while helping them overcome these obstacles through fulfilling their true identity as gentleman.